The Women’s Vinyl Project

This whole project is designed to creatively give women a voice. We are working alongside communities in Kenya with a special interest with those communities that still practise Female Genital Cutting (FGM).

Together we are writing songs and record them for vinyl. Producer Phillip Juhu, will be collaborating with us to produce a professional sound.

We aim to empower and enrich the lives of women and girls. We will also include men in our project so that they too are a part of this change.

Ruth Harley

We will raise money through the sales of the vinyl, which will be donated to Zinduka a organisation that is working on the ground in rural communities to help support girls and stop FGM.

Who is behind The Women’s Vinyl project?

Ruth Harley is a travelling spirit with a big heart and an ambition to make the world a better place through singing and music.  Shes always loved to sing and has followed this passion her whole life!

Ruth decided to go for the project and booked her first flights to Kenya in February 2021. She was so sad to see what girls were going through and that things had gotten worse due to COVID-19- (see here) that she felt a pull to start something in Kenya. Ruth was met by Antonia Sophia Waskowiak, founder of Zinduka who became a role model for the project and a friend.

We intend to empower others to find their voice and grow in confidence. We need more bravery in this world and the stage is no better test of that. 

Meet Waridi – Our Ambassador!

Waridi is a role model to many. As a former top model, African fashion advocate, and Vogue Germany Contributor for Africa, she certainly understands the power of Art.

Raised in Kenya and now based in Berlin, Waridi’s work involves sharing inspiration with style-movers through fashion and the arts. The ambition is to contribute her expertise to branding Africa.

When Waridi learned about The Women’s Vinyl Project in February 2021, she was instantly drawn to it. The project aims to empower women and girls by supporting them in finding their voice through music.
Because of her sensitivity to the arts, this is a project Waridi could connect to straight away.

Getting to know Waridi 🙂

How did you hear about the Women’s Vinyl Project?
A very special girlfriend Dawn Maria Schenk introduce Ruth to Me
What inspired you to become an ambassador for the project?
After Meeting with Ruth, I was very interested to understand her part in the project and what difference she was making to bring positive changes or encouragement to the young woman of Vinyl. I firmly believe that voices formulated creatively have a strong Statement. Defining the movement with singing is not just artistic but also inspiring because singing is the language that has one voice. Ultimately, using the voice to motivate younger women and girls to raise their voices.

How will you support the project?
By promoting the organization in every possible way I can, to give the support and recognition that they can raise funds to go forward.
What’s your philosophy in life?
A quote from Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done,” evolves around my journey and life philosophy.
What do you love most about Kenya?
Nairobi for me is the New York of Africa, Kenya being Modern yet is still wild at heart.
Will you be singing for the vinyl?
I am not a singer, then again… Nothing is impossible.

Learn more about Waridis work here.

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